Top 5 Free Music Apps to Download Music in 2016

Listening to music is common to us all, be it any kind of genre. With the progress in technology, it is possible to download and stream music on our smartphone free even we do not need to plug in any Mp3 devices. The high-speed internet has changed the purpose of smartphones and shifted a lot of activities like downloading music on computers to our phones. Hence, it is now possible to download music from free apps available on the market for different mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

best free music apps

Music Paradise Pro

Customers who do not want to take risks in downloading music illegally can make use of the Music Paradise Pro, which allows only authorized files to be downloaded into a system. This Android app allows you to download copyleft music only from individual sources. What this term means is that it permits distributing music legally without any hassle. Music Paradise Pro lets you transfer music in a simple and fast manner.

Mp3 Music Download

This is one of the best applications for downloading music free of cost. Additionally, this app is well known for its user interface. It has exciting features like ring maker as well. What’s more, you can put several files for downloading at the same time. You need to write the song name or the artist’s name to download it. If you are not sure, you might as well preview it before going ahead with the download. There is a ‘Download Track’ button through which you can save your music and listen to them even in an offline mode.


SoundCloud may be better known for its live streaming features, but it can also be used for downloading tracks and independent music files through the Save as Offline option. Although the ad-free version is available for a small cost, the free version is equally good with an only negligible amount of advertisement. You can type in the name of the song or the artist, which is the way to go through any music app, but searching by genre on SoundCloud can be quite an exciting experience as it offers a lot of independent and rare musical finds. You can always trust this app as it has millions of followers and accounts with a 4.4 rating in the Store.


Napster is a new member of the music app club with music downloads for free. It might have started out late, but it already has 30 million songs to offer to its customer. But what makes this app a popular choice is that you do not have to come across any annoying advertisements as of yet. So, you can easily stream and download music and have a smooth experience while doing so. It recognizes your taste in music and suggests similar songs using the ‘music match’ feature. It has spread successfully in 34 countries already. However, you will need an Android version of 4.0.4. or higher for this app to work.

Trebel Free Music Downloader

Trebel lets you download music very conveniently, with all the songs available for download in the app itself. Hence, you do not have to head on to any more risky and illegal third-party sites for downloading music. This app lets you choose from a wide selection of curated music. Customers have the option of playing the songs offline with minimum buffering. The quality that users love most about this app has to be its resource-friendly nature. Even when your phone has little or no battery strength, this app has the ability to work with the same power.

Best Android Lockscreen Apps 2017

If you are using an Android device and looking for a stylish screen lock option for your phone, then this article is for you. You have tons of stylish options to make your phone screen cool. Android users enjoy the privilege of customizing their phone screens with the best lock screen Apps. These Apps allow you to set cool wallpapers for your lock screen along with fantastic options to unlock your phone. Here you can find a list of the top 5 android lock screen apps for 2017 which will make your phone wonderful.


Next Lock Screen

A product by Microsoft, Next Lock Screen comes with a guarantee of making your phone experience much more than standard. This app offers various options to look the screen of your phone. You can adjust these screen lock types in different shapes and designs. It also provides you many amazing wallpapers for the lock screen as well as the home screen. You can get the facility to choose which notifications should appear on your lock screen and the theme. To add more appeal, this app also displays beautiful icons for weather, music, and news.

GO Locker

This app is from the team of GO Dev, which has created some of the very cool apps to fill your phone with amazing graphics. A unique thing about this app is that it provides some extra locking features for safety. There are plenty of themes from which you can choose wallpapers for your phone. If you want your phone to have an iPhone look, then you can apply the iOS lock screen theme. This app is known for best performance in terms of providing security and increasing the phone’s attractiveness. It allows you to handle widgets and notifications on the lock screen.

Slidelock Locker

Slidelock Lockers for those Android users who have shifted from iPhone and missed the feel of it. You enjoy the same iOS look with this app along with several features. You can change the design twice a day with different themes. Slide, pin, and pattern are the three locking options are available in style. You can swipe left to get the instant camera. This app switches the screen on for some time when you receive a notification. You can open them by a double tap or remove them by swiping.

CM Locker

CM Locker is one of the most popular lock screen apps for Android it offers a variety of stylish features. One of the excellent features is you can find slide-to-unlock option after typing the password. It also provides the feature of power saving for reducing your battery usage. There is a feature of taking intruder’s picture in case anyone tries to put in the wrong password several times. You can control your music, receive notifications, view the weather news, and many more of this with awesome themes.


None of the other apps have the cool features like ACDisplay does. You enjoy the standard features like awesome themes and wallpapers, notifications, widgets, etc. But AcDisplay allows you to see your notifications in small icons and view them in detail by just tapping once. Then you can dismiss them. It can also detect your phone’s position, whether it is in your pocket or bag, and switches the screen off accordingly.

Wrapping Up

This time, you can enjoy the best lock screen for your Android phone with these awesome apps. Change your themes, wallpapers, password styles, and many more options, which make your phone experience even more fun.

How to download YouTube videos in android?

YoutTube is a popular website that offers a different kind of videos. There can be various reasons why you would want to download videos from YouTube. Sometimes, you may be watching a video on your Android phone which you wish to save or you could be going to be in a poor coverage area. Downloading a video gives you a liberty to watch the video anytime you want.


og youtube

OG YouTube apk is a popular client designed especially for downloading YouTube videos for Android OS. The biggest benefit of this client is that you can download any type of video on your Android phone. You can easily store videos in a different category on YouTube by logging into your account. When you play a video then you will be able to see a small pop-up window as well. It is possible to also select the quality and resolution of the video you wish to download. OG downloader also allows you download pictures up to 60 FPS. You can also download it in audio mp3 format. You can download multiple videos as well and the downloaded files are stored under OG Downloader folder. In order to download OGYouTube in your mobile then you need to download and install its APK file in your mobile. Make sure that you change phone settings by selecting the option “Unknown Sources”.



It is another popular Android application that can be used to download videos. It is not available in the app store due to legal issues. However, you can still download the APK file from its official website. Also, you need to select settings with “Unknown Sources” in order to download the 3rd party software.

YouTube Downloader

youtube downloader

It is yet another application available for download YouTube videos in your phone device. First, you need to find the YouTube Downloader APK file and install it by ensuring that your security settings allow Unknown sources. Once the application is downloaded, you can easily open YouTube application in Android phone and select the video you wish to download. Tap on the share button and then select the video player. From the list of video players available, you can select YouTube Downloader and open the video. Confirm your download and it will start downloading your favorite video.

Download from PC

Another way to make YouTube downloading much easier is to take help of easy and free downloaders from MAC and Windows 5 OS. If you are using Firefox, then the first thing you need to do is download an Add-on Manager. Some of the easy recommended add-on including Easy YouTube Video Downloader as it can allow you to download HD and mp4 formats. On the other hand, if you are not using Firefox then it is better to download “Free YouTube Downloader” to download videos free of cost. With the free version of this software, you can download the only 720p.


If you want to download videos, then you must use OGYouTube downloader as it will suit your requirements. Besides allow you to watch movies on your phone, it also allows you to download and install videos in different resolutions and formats as per your requirement. This way you can watch videos and listen to songs or clips without needing to connect to the Internet.

PNG Effects – How To Add effects to png image Files?

In modern world of digital photography, even the most skilled people are looking for amazing effects to add in their family photos. In addition, everyone has passion in digital photography and everyone loves to add png effects to files. These digital images look even more appealing. You can now enhance your pictures without having any Photoshop skills and add effects to your photos. Previously, only professional photographers could add effects. In modern world, amateur can also add different effects to their photos.

png effects


Here are some of the basic steps to add fun and cool png effects to your personal photos.


  • You can either use a professional online service which has platform to edit photos or download a photo editing program to your system. You can use most of them for free. These platforms provide a lot of filters to change the look and add good looking png effects to it.
  • After installing the program according to instructions, you can literally make changes to the images. Open image or file that needs to be changed with png effects.
  • After opening the image in program, you can have a lot of filters with which you can edit the photos. You can avail these filters in customized B/W effects along with color effects like dream, ambience glamour. You can see all the png effects of image and choose right image from the preview box.
  • When it comes to use various options to add png effects, you can also get the option to change intensity of all the effects. These effects can be mild, soft and softer.
  • After making the desired changes, you have the option to process image. Now you can see the changes on image.
  • You always have to save a new image as a copy of original. This way, you can choose to get back to the original image and make changes.


You can also choose to add some of the cool photo effects like blurring, morphing, or cartoon bubbles to the photos. These options can easily make your image hilarious. You can easily change the image overlay with different styles. You can apply this overlay to the digital image to add a better and unique effect.


Have Errors on Your Pics? Hide with Effects

If you have any errors on your image that is just captured, you can add effects to hide those flaws. You won’t need anything else and you don’t need to remove your photo just because of having any flaw. No matter how bad or cool image you have, it is always possible to make it look even better by adding effects.


These days, you can easily trick the eyes by adding these cool effects. If you need improvement in any shots, these cool effects can easily enhance the photos. With these effects, you don’t need to have imperfections. These effects can easily help enhance your photos. Every photographer wants to get various positive comments on his perfection. For a photographer, it is always important to achieve perfection. This way, even the top photographers like to make changes and add perfection with some of the cool and amazing photo effects. There is no lack of effects to add wow factor to the pictures.


With the help of these cool effects, you can highlight the subject in your photos. Obviously, your subject is the center of attraction of your photo and you may want to highlight their photo more and more with cool effects. You won’t have to ruin or change the subject in your shots. You can just enhance the shot to get positive attention

How to get paid apps for free in android?

Android market is considered as the best market which helps users have access to mobile applications pertaining to different categories. With different applications available in the market, some are offered for free while some of them come with a charge. The basic reason behind paid apps is, these are loaded with a number of features, and a lot of effort put in by developers to build it. Users, who wish to get these paid apps for free, we have brought forth steps that will allow them to download apps for free on Android device.


paid apps free


It is one of the best apps to access; after all, every morning it welcomes you with a paid Android app that is available for free. While it might not bring you tons of offers, but an app a day is all that you will be served with. Along with this, there are options for updates on certain apps which shall help you keep them up to date to the version available in the market.

Freedom Apk

Freedom apk is one of the super cool app with which you not only get paid apps for free, but also you can access all the premium features of the app. Say if you have got game like subway surfers or so, you can use this freedom apk to get unlimited coins, nitro, points, etc… This app requires root access to work effectively. You may root your android device with framaroot.

Complete the offer and win apps

The third party app store is also a good option to download Android paid apps for free. All you have to do is, complete the task assigned or install the service app of the company, and they shall provide you paid apps at big discounts or completely free. One such third party app is Amazon underground app that provides you options to download thousands of paid apps for free.

Blackmart Alpha

Here users will have to download the app Blackmart alpha that will further help you download android app for free. Almost all the paid apps are listed here, for users to conveniently download it. Keep following steps mentioned below;

  1. Download Blackmart Alpha
  2. Install it on your android device
  3. Open the app and type the name of application you are looking for in the search box
  4. While you are using this app, you will see that almost all the paid apps are available for free for users to access.

Apk files of paid apps

While following this step, users will have to download the apk version of the application on their computer system, and then transfer it to their mobile. Some of the sites which can help you get access of apk. Files like,,, etc. Keep following the steps mentioned below and you and get this paid apps on your device;


  • Search for apk sites
  • Open any one of them, and look for apps which you want to install on your device.
  • Download the apk file on your system and get it installed on the android
  • Once it has been installed, you are all set to use the new app on your phone.

Google play survey

Google free play store credit which gives users credit after answering certain surveys. Herein, users are required to answer surveys and in return, they are paid a minimal amount for it. However, it is not important that every time a user is paid for answering the surveys, but still a user can manage to earn a good amount and use it to try their hands on paid apps in Google play store.


Hope you like these methods to get paid apps for free for your Android device.


10 Best Android Apps for Students

How many apps for students do you think Google Play has in store for you? Your Smartphone’s memory will be full if you start downloading all the utility apps that can genuinely help you improve learning potential and productivity.

With thousands of apps for students available, how would you decide which apps are worth downloading?

Don’t worry! We have done the research for you and listed the leading and most recommended apps for you.

top apps for college students

  1. Mathway

This app has all the efficiency to help you get rid of guesswork and solve all your tricky Math problems. It has a lot of mathematical formulas and functions to choose from calculus to algebra. So, don’t get lazy! Get your answer confirmed using Mathway. Make sure not to get addicted to it for every question. Work on your problem first. If you find any trouble, use this app.

  1. Kindle

Do you have love of reading? Turn your Smartphone into a book. Whether you want to prepare your research papers for new projects or just reading books casually, Kindle app can give you whole new digital reading experience. It can look up and highlight definition of words with its inbuilt dictionary.

  1. Dictionary

It is a must have app college app for every student, not only for those who are studying languages. If your professor mentions words that just fly off your head, just start a search on this app. It can help you in every step.

  1. Dropbox

If you don’t have the right tool that can keep your stuffs organized, your studies will soon become a mess. But Dropbox comes to the rescue to handle all your pictures, documents, and videos at one place, whether you are relaxing in your room, studying in collage or visiting your parents.  It provides 2 GB of free storage. For every friend you refer, you can get additional 500MB of storage.

  1. Pocket

Unlike and Dropbox, Pocket is known to be the best-kept secret which most students don’t know about. You can bookmark videos, articles and other content online to read later when you find time. You can utilize your time better by avoiding procrastination and reducing distractions.

  1. Coursera

This app keeps professionals, students, and learners connected across the world. It provides free live courses offered from around 100 educational institutes and recognized universities worldwide, including Yale and Stanford. You may browse through the courses and watch lectures from the top qualified instructors on the go.

  1. Evernote

Rated at the New York Times’ Top 10 Must Have Apps, Evernote is a free Android app to remember almost anything on all devices. It keeps you productive and stays organized. You can capture photos, take notes, make to-do lists, and also record voice lectures. This app has announced a new feature, Handwriting. Now you can write notes with your stylus or finger.

  1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Are you a university student who is missing home-cooked meals? Living away from home doesn’t mean you need to live without the pleasure of delicious and warm meals. There is no need to be a chef to cook 5-star meals for your roommates. Try this app to cook some delicious meals.

  1. Mint

It is a great finance app for college students who have limited income and need to budget everything to avoid running out of cash at the month end. This app will be connected to your bank account to track your account balance and your spending habits. To avoid paying late fees with a penalty, you can also set reminders.

  1. TripAdvisor

You no longer have to do any guesswork about the new ways and find restaurants. You can find top hotspots and taste local culture.